KoeienWelkom bij Galerie-Atelier De Witte Raaf

Hier kunt u allerlei informatie vinden over het werk van Kunstschilderes Wil Stroomer-Sjerps. In de galerie kunt u Wils kunstwerken bekijken en u kunt ook een bericht in het gastenboek achterlaten.

For English visitors:
This site shows the quality and diversity of the work of the Dutch artist Wil Stroomer- Sjerps. Although most of the texts on this site are in Dutch, there still is a lot of artwork to be seen.Most of the paintings on this site are made as an assignment. It’s possible to inquire about assignments or the purchase of existing work by sending Wil Stroomer-Sjerps an e-mail. You can also leave a message in Wil’s guestbook.

Wil’s repertoire includes houses, boats, pets, landscapes, people, and much, much more… It is possible for Wil to make a painting from a picture. This can also be scanned and e-mailed.

All paintings presented on this site are made with a traditional oilpaint technique using up to 10 layers of paint on solid canvas. This generates a vivid image and has proven to give a painting of the best quality, which can last for several generations. Each painting is unique and is especially made for the assignee.